Effective business operations are the foundation of any well-run organization.  At Face, we optimize all lines of business and ensure employees are focused on meeting your objectives. Our outsourced virtual COO services provide companies with the bench strength to improve operational efficiencies. We have the expertise to walk you through the optimization process and ensure staff are focused on the proper corporate goals.

How we drive change

Our virtual COO services cover 4 critical areas of your business.  We refine your vision and mission to ensure goals are rock solid and achievable.  Second, we align the organization by working with employees to set objectives. Third, we build a plan designed to prioritize the results you need to be successful.  And finally, we ensure teams are focused on implementing measurable performance management programs

Virtual COO Services – Results

At Face, we focus on results.  Our virtual COO’s have the experience to optimize your business and implement measurable programs.

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Why Choose Us?

Vision & Mission
Great companies have amazing vision. At Face we work with you to drive your vision into goals. We are metrics orientated and completely focused on results.
Employee Alignment & Execution
Employee alignment is critical to companies that consistently achieve results. At Face, we are focused on developing employee goals that align to meet corporate objectives.
Planning & Prioritization
Our Virtual COO engagements include comprehensive strategic plans that align employees to corporate goals. No employee is left untouched.
Performance Management
An amazing by-product of our virtual CO engagements is performance management. We agree on objectives, align employees and measure. Measurement drives performance.