Sales and marketing are key components of any business.  Sales process, pipeline management and demand generation have become increasingly complex as technology evolves.  Face provides the talent to develop both marketing and sales programmes designed to meet your revenue goals.  Our team includes c-level outsourced sales and marketing professionals that clearly understand objectives and how to achieve them.  We work closely with your team and build a  plan that includes defined success metrics.

METRICS & Key performance indicators

Face is a strong believer in developing strategic goals.  We believe that metrics play a large part in meeting those objectives.  We like to push — create stretch goals to achieve more than you think you are capable of.   Sales, marketing and revenue goals are the baseline.  We also work with companies to help define individual metrics in order to drive overall corporate objectives.  Our focus with marketing starts with demand generation, however we narrow it down to specific marketing tactics.  We like to see ROI from your campaigns — if not we stop.  Sales is built on revenue targets – you need to know if employees are performing against targets.  Talk to us about metrics — it’s one of our favourite topics.

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Why Choose Us?

Sales Experience
The team at Face have managed and developed sales strategies for 25 years. We understand direct, channel and partner sales and have managed both small and large teams.
Face specializes in marketing strategy and implementation. Our virtual CMO service develops focused plans for direct and channel marketing. Our measurable plans are based on your objectives.
Brand & Positioning
Face provides comprehensive brand strategy. We work with you to define your brand, key differentiators and business drivers. Our process ensures your brand is reflected across all corporate assets.
Face specializes in digital marketing. We are content development obsessed with a laser focus on search engine optimization. We believe great content is key in building a solid digital foundation.